Waste Recycling Business in Nigeria; turning wastes to wealth

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Plastic wastesDo you know that you can make over N100, 000 a month supplying this waste polythene nylons to waste recycling factories within your area?

Do you also know that instead of burning those pure water nylons/rubber containers or throwing some of the metals away just like that, gathering them up and sourcing them out to recycling plants could make you millions of naira?

Polythene nylon is the major waste blocking most drains in many states in Nigeria. And the aftermath is flooding. This can averted and turned to gain.

Have you passed through the popular Ojota area of Lagos state, Nigeria in recent times? If you have, then, probably you would have gotten the picture am about to describe. The strong foul odour emanating from the heap of garbage there is disheartening.

Moving around every other states in Nigeria, you will see heaps of garbage mostly made up of scrap metals, cans, polythene nylons, electronics, fabrics etc. Then the next question is what can be done to these wastes in other to generate revenue.

While we can boast of various “self-made millionaires” in our society, there are also millions of “self-impoverished citizens”

The problem with many people in Nigeria is pride and egotism which at times eats deep into our senses of belongings in the communities where we live. And deprive us chances of doing businesses that can actually bring us good money.

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There was an article in one of the daily Newspapers of a recycling company in Nigeria that made about $65 million from exporting metallic waste to western countries where the metals are used for manufacturing of cars, radiators, ship engines and so on.

Supplying of waste polythene/other wastes for recycling is a lucrative business, try it and you will have good story to tell. The business is so lucrative that even government, companies and other recycling outfits would like to partner with you.

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Another good thing about this business is that you can start it any how you want even without capital at the initial stage.

It is both fun and a caring business as was described by a long timer in the business. “You make money by removing the pieces of irons that may hurt people along the road ways or from other areas within the environment, I don’t look at the money I make from the business as a salary or wages, I considers it as God’s blessings to me for doing what benefits people”

The benefits of doing waste collections goes beyond personal to even adding values to the country’s GDP and the economic growth of your nation.

You can start by indirectly gathering the following items in any location of your choice and have it grown to bigger quantity. Things like: Shopping bags, laundry bags, pure water sachets, yogurt wrappers, soft poly bags, hospital drip bags, pop corn wrapper, bread wrapper, cellophane.

waste recyling plant

Money is good and without it, doing anything could be near to impossible but money without the proper information lasts only for a while but with the right information, you stand to make it continually and would be helping others with your knowledge as well.

Even if it means paying some children to be gathering all kinds of wastes for you, do it and when it becomes big, take it to a recycling company and be ready to count your cash as it would be measured out to you.

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Just position yourself as a waste collector ranging from polythene bags of different sources and have them supplied to a collection center operator who then process them and shifts them to the company that does the recycling.

One can make between N50,000 to N300,000 monthly, doing this business. This is the breakdown: A kilo of polythene sells between N45-N55.

If you can supply just 100kg per day for 25 days in a month that is  N50 x 100 kilos x 25 days = N125,000, that is if you are dealing with just polythene alone, but if you are into metal, your money goes up.

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Waste recycling business doesn’t require startup capital except for transportation if you are not nearer to a recycling firm. Nigerians, there are more business for all us to get busy with and stop depending on others or waiting for the government to do things for us when we can actually do things on our own and even pay the government with our surplus through tax.

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