Startup guide to owning a sporting betting franchise in Nigeria

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Are you looking for a popular franchise to partner with? Do you want to be involved in sport business?  Do you need a business you can start with small startup capital? Then read on.

As you have known, this blog is about small businesses that can bring big money. Sometimes back I wrote an article on how you can make money watching football. A friend of mine recently earned #150,000 ($395) under 90 minutes by staking just a token.

bet9ja business has gone viral in Nigeria among both young and old, male and female. And they are making cool money on daily basis.  You can start a franchise with bet9ja Company and get paid commission weekly.

What am saying is that you don’t need to start from the scratch; you can build on the success and popularity of bet9ja to launch your own money spinning business. You just need to apply for franchise right from the company.

In case you don’t know what bet9ja is; bet9ja is a sport betting company in Nigeria. The company allows interested people to become partner by issuing franchise right to them.

These are what you must put in place in order to successfully apply for bet9ja franchise and get approved.

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Firstly, look for a location with good human traffic. I mean a place where there is large number of people, this is to have good turnover. But before renting this location, you have to do these two things;

  1. Make sure that there is no bet9ja shop close to the location you have in mind; at least 10-15 minutes walking distance from any existing bet9ja shop.
  2. Contact the super-agent covering your area to check and approve your location.

After these two things have been resolved, you can go ahead to acquire the location.

Then you will have to pay a certain amount for your registration as an agent so that you will be able to use the company’s franchise. And you also have to pay some money into an account which will be opened for you.  It is from the account that you will be drawing from anytime a customer comes to place a bet.

The next thing is that, you will have to customise the shop in the colours of bet9ja. All necessary logo must be incorporated. Banners with the name, colour and logo is also displayed to alert your potential customers about the presence of your shop.

Then, you have to procure your equipment and gadgets. Gadgets like computer desktops and laptops, printing machine, television sets are essential. Internet connection is very important to this business; be sure to get a good Internet provider because poor connection can constitute a big problem for this type of business.

Stationery must also be in place for smooth running of the business. You also need a good generating set because you might be using it for days in some cases due to the poor nature of electricity supply in the country. Having procured all your gadgets and equipment and you have furnished your shop to your taste.  Then you are set for business.

The good thing about the business is that, you get paid 20% of your weekly sales as commission.  Imagine you make a sale of #200,000 in a week; calculate the 20% (#40,000). That is yours! Did you say just like that? Yes it is as simple as that.

And on many occasions, your customers may decide to offer you a token from whatever amount is won.

This is a good business by all standard, it is legal and no hidden terms and conditions. If you are thinking on which business you can start without much stress.  This business is for you. The sky is your starting point. I wish you good luck.

Sharing is Caring

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