Starting a Poultry Business from Scratch

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Starting a Poultry Business from Scratch

poultry business

Are you interested in Poultry business but don’t know how to start? Do you seek to know the most kept secrets of poultry business? Then read on to know all about poultry business.

Without wasting our time,

What is Poultry Keeping?

In a lame man’s definition, Poultry keep is the branch of animal husbandry that deals with the rearing of birds. Some examples of these are Fowl (Chicken), Turkey, duck, quail etc.

Birds are kept for either domestic consumption or for commercial purposes. Either ways, poultry business is what giving a shot.

In this article, our case study will be Chicken rearing business. This is because among all the birds, chicken is the most commonly domesticated followed by turkey, ducks and quails.

What are the niches available in poultry business?

Before venturing into business, decide on which specific aspect of it you want to go into, because there are different areas of specialization in this business of poultry keeping. Some of the areas you can specialize in are;

  • Meat production (Broiler chicken rearing)
  • Egg production (Layer chicken rearing)
  • Hatchery business
  • Layer Breeding
  • Poultry Medical supplies
  • Poultry feed production/supply

Don’t be a jack of all trade. Be specific as a beginner. You can decide to add more to your niche after you have mastered the trade and you have started doing well.

How profitable is Poultry business?

From my personal experience, poultry business is a lucrative business. And in addition to being lucrative, poultry business can be a means of saving your hard earned money. Yes, this is because, when you buy for instance a point of lay chicken (chicken that have reached egg production stage) for #1000. And you keep it for a year, after you might have harvested close to 300 eggs from it, you can still sell it for around that same price you purchased it.

Every entrepreneur is in business to make profit, poultry business is not an exception. I know a lot of people doing this business and they are raking in millions of naira on a daily basis. Take for instance Nigeria’s for head of state and president; Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. He makes close to #10,000,000 daily from all his farms scattered across the country.

What must I put in place before venturing into Poultry business?

Sincerely, Poultry business is a sensitive type of business due the sensitive nature of poultry birds. So to be successful in this business you must be prepared and ready for the task ahead.

Before you can start this business, I will encourage you to put the following few things in place for you to have a successful business experience.

  • Get trained.

Starting poultry business without knowing the intricacies of the business is like putting your money into a raging fire. Because a single epidemic outbreak can make you lose all the birds if you don’t know what to do at the appropriate time. Move closer to any established poultry around you and ask to be a protégé under them. They will gladly oblige.

battery cage

  • Housing/Shelter for the birds

There are different methods of housing from which you can choose from.

  1. The intensive method; birds are fully restrained from moving around by keeping them in a battery cages or using dip litter system
  2. The free range is also applicable but will be ideal for domestic consumption.

Chicken don’t like heat, especially the layer type. Look for adequate space and build your pen. Make sure there is cross ventilation. A space of 3ft by 3ft can accommodate 10 birds. Depending on the capacity you are starting with, be sure to get adequate to get good output.

  • Good Hygiene

This point is very important because like I said earlier, chicken are very sensitive. So to forestall disease outbreak, you must keep good hygiene in your poultry. Don’t allow outsiders into your farm and if they must enter provide treated booths, overall, nose cover, hand glove and a small pond/ basin with disinfected water for leg dipping before entering the farm premises.

Also ensure you provide good and portable water for your birds. Don’t ever give your birds water that you cannot drink. Be warned.

  • Source of Light and Heat

Sometimes you may have to provide a source heat for your birds especially during the raining period. Chicken don’t like much cold and neither do they like much heat.

Also you may have to provide light for your birds in the night. Extended daylight or electricity increases the output in production of eggs.

  • Feeding

In fact, feeding is as important as the business itself. The quality and quantity of food you give your chicken will determine how good their production will be. In case of broiler, good feeding habit will make them produce more meat and in case of layers, the eggs will be big and rich.

Ensure you feed them at least twice in a day; before day break for proper and good food conversion because they eat best when the weather is cool and also feed them in the evening towards sunset or at night ( if you can afford to provide electricity)

  • Good medical record keeping.

I was at a friend’s farm and I asked him which medicine he gave his birds last. To my surprise he couldn’t remember! I left his farm amazed.

To run a profitable poultry business, keep a well updated record of their medication as well as the feeding. If you can, have a schedule prepared to make things easy for you.

Having put all the above in place, you are ready for a successful poultry business that will fetch you good money.





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