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I am so sure you know what a domain name is. And in case you don’t know what a domain name is; it is the name through which your website is known. If your website is then your domain name is

make money from domain names

To set up a website, the first thing you must do is to search and register a domain name with a domain registrar. Domain registrars are companies or bodies certified and endorsed by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to carry out the duty of registering new domain names. It is usually renewable every year.

To register you own domain name now click here.

Domain names are being sold for big money every single day on the internet. Although to register a new domain name costs just around $10 but the fact that some people forget to renew their domains and others pick them up, they have to cough out big money to have it back.

The following domains were sold for big money;

  • com was sold for $3 million
  • com was sold for $130,000
  • com was sold for $7.5 million
  • com was sold for $10 million
  • com was sold for $25,000

And lots more.

Now imagine you are the owner of any of these sold websites. I know what you are thinking right now. You can still grab your own share of the spoil.

Here are the ways by which you can profit from domain names.

  1. Buying for Speculations

This is a large and profitable market for reselling domain names at present, and speculators are looking for developing technologies and trends.

Evolution is constantly taking place in technology and trends, hence , there are markets being monitored closely with expectation that its growth will be exponential within a short time frame.

It will be a good idea to locate and register domain names that are related to new trends, technology and markets in order to earn substantial profit over time.

  1. Buying expiring domain names and redirecting the targeted traffic

You can decide to buy a domain name that will soon expire in other to redirect its existing traffic. This is done by targeting some high ranking keywords in the domain name. It can help in getting traffic from people who simply type the keywords in the domain names into the address bar.

  1. Buying expired domain names and building generic website with it

You can buy expired domain name and build a generic website using some website building software like wordpress, blogger, joomla and many others. You then register a website with an expired domain name which you have procured.

Since it is an expired domain name, it must have generated some traffic prior to your purchase and this is a good lunch pad for you in terms of traffic.  This generic website you just built could be sold altogether with the domain name at a good price. Just ensure that the domain name is short.

  1. Buying expired domain name and use it for Affiliate marketing

Since your purchased domain name is an expired (or expiring) one. You can take the advantage of its previous traffic and build a fully functional website with it.

You then apply for some affiliate programs and use your new website to market them by redirecting the traffic to your new website to the website of the product or service you are marketing. In doing this you paid some commission or a fee when any of your redirected traffic results in sales.

Domain name buying and reselling business has been on for a long time and it will continue to be as long as the internet continues to exist. There is no better time than now for you to join this business and make your own profit.

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