5 Qualities to look out for in Startup’s employees

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Qualities of startup employeesAre you an entrepreneur planning to employ new staffs for your startup? Think deep before you employ that new staff because one bad hire can ruin a small team, but every great hire makes a great team even better. Here’s what to look for as your business grows.

In the early days of the startups, you are practically your business. You do everything by yourself–you are the sales representative, the cashier, the store keeper and also the chief executive all at the same time.

If you want to grow, though, eventually you can’t do it all. You want people on that wall with you. You cannot run the business all alone. You need to hire people.

But the problem is how do you choose the right people? What are the attributes and characteristics new employees need to create an ideal A-team?

A smart entrepreneur should know the importance of building a strong leadership team. A good team will bring your vision to life and effectively run the various areas of your business. It’s particularly important as your enterprise makes the transition from a small startup to a mid-size business employing hundreds.

As you startup begins to grow, you reach a point when you have to change your criteria for hiring new employees. You must ensure you employ people of like minds—staffs that have passion for the growth of your business.

Below are the qualities you must keep at the back of your mind as you go about hiring your own small business A-team.


  1. Deep functional knowledge.

When starting a business, you need people who can execute many tasks; like delivering goods to customers, while also working as the account officer and stepping in to fight fires, wherever they might pop up.

But as your company grows, it’s no longer feasible to bring the executive team in on every decision. And it’s no longer as important as before to have people who can work well cross-functionally. Now is the time to have team leaders with deep functional knowledge so you can delegate to them and then step away.

  1. Managerial skills.

In many instances, startups are often filled by highly-creative individual contributors. These kind of people are zealous and motivated by praise and will work at the speed of light to deliver any task assigned to them.


Every young startup need these type of individual but as your company grows, other skills become important too. As your staff grows, managerial experience becomes critical. You don’t just need people who can deliver; you need people who can supervise and help others deliver.

Now is the right time to hire new staffs with experience in growing and developing teams of their own.

  1. Customer-first mentality.

Customer is the king! This is a popular among all entrepreneurs. Every business starts out with an idea that addresses a customer’s need. When the startup is still small, almost everyone on your team is in contact with customers, but as your business grows, the number of staffs in direct contact with customers reduces. And honestly, growing businesses can’t afford to lose any customers.

This is why it’s particularly important to hire people with a customer-first mentality. Even if they are not on the front lines, they need to be thinking about customers in absolutely everything they do.

  1. Communications skills.

Now that your company is growing as expected, there is possibility for both lost information and duplicated efforts. Communication becomes more difficult and information dissemination can become ineffective.

With the introduction of relevant technology, you can address this snag, and connecting all of your apps can give every department greater visibility into customer needs; but you need to use that information effectively.

Having team leaders with strong communication skill is necessary to act as bridge builders between departments by keeping everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.

  1. Middle-term view.

The importance of business plan cannot be over emphasized. It is very important for startups to have a strong guiding vision that keeps employees focused and motivated during the early days.

But as your company grows, you’ll need to add more tools and processes to keep everyone on track and moving in the same direction. That’s why having a middle-term view becomes important. You need employees that can envision the finish line, but also understand all the steps you need to take to get there.

Picturing where you’ll be a year or two out may be more important to your success than being able to picture where you’ll be in five years or ten.

There are lots of important qualities to look for in your employees as you build your team. Narrowing it down to these is not as easy.

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